refrain from working

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Zarif's remarks came after French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian accused Iran of not respecting part of the UN Resolution 2231, which calls on Tehran to refrain from working on ballistic missiles.
Cheong Wa Dae set up its own guidelines and encouraged its workers to use at least 70 percent of their paid leave and refrain from working overtime.
The refugees will also be allowed to work in the construction and agricultural sectors as Jordanian workers usually refrain from working in these sectors.
Cole's Seventh-day Adventist faith requires him to refrain from working for hire on Saturdays in observance of the Sabbath.
He called local companies to intensify their cooperation with them and refrain from working with non-existent companies or truck owners to prevent unnecessary delays, loss, and difficulty in filing claims in case of mishap.
Initially, members will be directed to refrain from working unsustainable levels of voluntary overtime on selected dates.
Bank workers union ETYK called its members to "reverently" refrain from working overtime from Hellenic Bank, as the bank entered talks with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development which is interested in buying a stake in the Cypriot lender.
Many religious Jews refrain from working in all forms including turning on appliances during the Sabbath; some leave them running instead.
When Castle Season 7, Episode 11 airs, viewers expect to see how Rick and Kate would continue working together after Rick was asked to refrain from working at NYPD.
Usually the agreement will define a length of time, a geographic radius and type of activity in which the employee promises to refrain from working after leaving her/his job.
s website, the Arkansas Contractors Board revoked Garison's commercial license in July, ordering it to refrain from working on any project in excess of $20,000.
the Labour Law obliges the employee to work within such period and the latter is not entitled to refrain from working within such period, otherwise he will be contrary to Labour Law and be subject to penalty, but he may immediately leave work only if the employer allowed him to do so and it has to be in writing.