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ENO Refreshing Gel & Tab have a non sticky, non chalky & non medicinal taste and hence provide fast relief from acidity with a refreshing taste.
Sporting events present a natural fit for refreshing beverages and we see Barefoot Refresh as the perfect fit for these audiences.
The "Refresh Your Scents" survey, conducted by StrategyOne, was introduced to unveil additional insights about the importance of scent and other refreshing experiences in men's lives.
This Water launches two new refreshing recipes in time for summer: Oranges & Lemons and Raspberries & Apples.
Keep your cool when temperatures are rising with a refreshing facial spritz.
Refreshing Black people often, to subvert Peter Finley Dunne's famous words, comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.
Relax this winter with some delicious, refreshing and energizing tulsi tea.
As space is generally limited in a hall make a statement with a refreshing fun colour.
His charm, passion, and candor are very refreshing in this age of flash and hype.
Product: NiveaGentle Refreshing Toner Price: pounds 4.
To read these sermon starters was always refreshing, but nothing was ever more refreshing and stimulating than those poignant, splendidly crafted pastoral essays that Bob drafted as an introduction for each issue.
The hot days and warm, sultry nights of summer call for cool, refreshing drinks.