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This sets the stage for the main act, which is hooking up to and refuelling an aircraft in flight.
The company has been refuelling aircraft and conducting "into the wing" aviation fuel sales since January 1, 2008.
Start of refuelling Russian national carrier Aeroflot in Dubai was an important step in developing our cooperation with JSC Gazpromneft-Aero," ENOC marketing Sr.
With no harmful tailpipe emissions, the ix35 Fuel Cell can travel more than 350 miles before refuelling in a quick and easy process similar to refuelling a petrol or diesel vehicle.
The Global Hawks, huge drones with 131-foot wingspans used for high-altitude surveillance, flew in formation with less than 100 feet separating the refuelling "probe" on one and refuelling "receiver" on the other during a two-and-a-half hour flight test.
When the fuel cell runs low it can be quickly recharged with another boost of hydrogen from the refuelling station.
The Smiths Aerospace in-flight refuelling probe will comprise a hybrid metallic and composite structure of approx 4.
By making significant investment in the development of our new assets, and specifically the refuelling complex in Omsk, we are creating modern infrastructure to offer airlines a high level of service.
The inspection of the Yenisei refuelling facility in Yemelyanovo was held for the first time.
The Daily Times quoted a senior PAF officer, as saying that the first air-to-air refuelling aircraft took active part in the exercises and ably refuelled two fighter aircraft in the PAF's inventory.
Smiths filed the autonomous aerial refuelling patent in the U.
The inspection of Yenisei refuelling facility in Yemelyanovo was held for the first time.