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The standard A400M aircraft has full provisions for air-to-air refuelling (AAR) operations already installed and only requires the rapid installation of the optional air-to-air refuelling kit to become a tanker.
Close cooperation with the USAF, the ANG and the RNLAF helps us to maintain air-to-air refuelling capability as cost-effectively as possible," Lt Col Geelen emphasises.
This new refuelling station has three times the capacity of earlier generation products and is significantly smaller with only one third of the footprint.
NEL intends to convert the facility into a state-of-the-art volume production facility for refuelling stations based on lean manufacturing principles.
The company has been refuelling aircraft and conducting "into the wing" aviation fuel sales since January 1, 2008.
With no harmful tailpipe emissions, the ix35 Fuel Cell can travel more than 350 miles before refuelling in a quick and easy process similar to refuelling a petrol or diesel vehicle.
The Global Hawks, huge drones with 131-foot wingspans used for high-altitude surveillance, flew in formation with less than 100 feet separating the refuelling "probe" on one and refuelling "receiver" on the other during a two-and-a-half hour flight test.
The FRU is typically used to refuel large aircraft such as the A400M and the tests demonstrated the stability of both aircraft when flying in close formation and when refuelling.
When the fuel cell runs low it can be quickly recharged with another boost of hydrogen from the refuelling station.
It was a crazy and political decision to cancel and abort the refuelling facility at Rosyth.
Smiths builds on its solid reputation as a supplier to Airbus on the A340 & A380 of major structural components and as a leading supplier of in-flight refuelling equipment to provide Airbus the best all around solution for this requirement," said Dr.
Source: Quwa, 11th July 2016, "In-flight refuelling capable C-295 debuts at Farnborough")