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Key words: Hyrcanian refugium, Iran, Middle East, molecular taxonomy, phylogeography, Zagros Mts.
Caption: A Texas blind salamander crawls over rocks in a refugium inside San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center.
Four of the systems (East Sandia Springs, Independence Creek, Big Bend National Park Refugium Pond, and Clear Creek) did not contain red-rim melania snails in 1999 and still remain negative for this species.
1, 2011) and literature accounts were used to isolate possible dispersal routes and locate a potential glacial refugium based on our knowledge of preferred habitats and regional elevation limits of N.
The Klamath-Siskiyou region (Mahoney 2004; Swenson and Howard 2005) is the proposed refugium in this species for the southern clade.
Although Anatolia (Asia Minor or Asian Turkey) has been considered to be a fourth glacial refugium in some studies (Hewitt 1996, 2004; Ciplak 2004a, 2004b, 2008), only a few regional or peninsula-wide phylogenetic studies showing different phylogeographic patterns in different taxa have been conducted (Bohlen et al.
Topics to be covered include: dry and summer rainy season survey and monitoring workshops; a captive maintenance and propagation workshop, which will include the construction of a small-scale headstarting facility and refugium pond for imperiled amphibians; and training to provide educators with the knowledge and tools to teach children.
Both of the areas where this species was taken coincide with one of the limited areas postulated by Delcourt & Delcourt (1984) as a refugium for temperate deciduous hardwood forest communities during the height of the last continental glaciation.
Beringia as a glacial refugium for boreal trees and shrubs: New perspectives from mapped pollen data.
It's conceivable that humans traversed from one glacial refugium to another, said environmental archaeology masters' student Carol Ramsey, whose student proposal landed her a place on the first of three previous trips to the islands.
Judd concludes her study with a reception history of the motet Magnus es tu Domine I Tu pauperum refugium by Josquin des Prez and an epilogue in which she reiterates her desire to know what music notation can mean when it is surrounded by theoretical text.
Therefore, the basic cell of the harvest refugium was arbitrarily chosen as a 20-km diameter circle, a group of which comprised the refugia for each species.