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Interestingly, the Macaronesian population was much more variable than the Iberian ones and, based on these findings, the authors suggested that the Azores acted as a glacial refugium from which D.
Judd concludes her study with a reception history of the motet Magnus es tu Domine I Tu pauperum refugium by Josquin des Prez and an epilogue in which she reiterates her desire to know what music notation can mean when it is surrounded by theoretical text.
About 1620, after a century of intermittent trade with migratory fishermen, they withdrew from contact to a refugium in the protected waters of Newfoundland's northeast coast, flourishing for another century and a half, as their technology evolved to make use of iron scavenged from seasonally-abandoned fishing stations.
With wide-ranging, deep-ocean species, the refugium would have to be extremely large, and consequently it would be difficult to manage and enforce, and the political pressure to allow harvest would be too great.
We suggest that historical factors have created this pattern; a Mississippi Valley Pleistocene refugium for the American lineage of the species seems plausible.
Temperatures of one snake in a refugium during February was 5.
Rainier National Park, WA; submitted to Northwest Construction by Watts Construction/Korsmo Construction -- Small Project - Los Lunas Silvery Minnow Refugium, Los Lunas, NM; submitted to Southwest Contractor by HDR Engineering Inc.
Both of the areas where this species was taken coincide with one of the limited areas postulated by Delcourt & Delcourt (1984) as a refugium for temperate deciduous hardwood forest communities during the height of the last continental glaciation.
After more than 30 years of carefully monitoring the wild population, biologists are scrambling to establish a refugium for this small fish.
Infrequent foraging excursions out of a reserve, for example, could potentially negate the value of a reserve if its purpose is to act as a harvest refugium.
Given that the latter was an island refugium, remarkably like other water-defended Postclassic communities such as Macanche, Zacpeten and Topoxte, and with lakeshore suburbs reminding us of the Itza capital of Noh Peten (Tayasal), it is a pity that Dr Masson did not utilize the abundant results of recent research on these Peten sites.
The rich Mediterranean flora with many endemics may be regarded as existing in a successful refugium that functions for a long time in the evolutionary history of the region.