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In this refulgent summer," Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in July 1838,
His priest was moving faster, barely leaning forward between the altar boys, the Ciborium against his chest, his glasses refulgent with light.
If something is refulgent, what is its main feature?
The centerpiece is Schumann's Dichterliebe, sung with refulgent tone, plenty of chiaroscuro and abundant musicality.
From 2006 and on the country has been living under the turbulences of permanent provocations by Macedonian state nationalism which showed itself in the most refulgent way in the case of the Macedonian Encyclopedia, that of the fertility law, in the case of the castle church in Skopje, antiurban project "Skopje 2014" .
What began at fairly low power ended as refulgent and exciting a performance of Mahler's choral finale as I've heard in Birmingham - which is really saying something.
The critic awarded three stars, and the Biltmore Room went on to have a refulgent if fleeting life at the forefront of New York's dining scene.
Michel Platini, once such a refulgent footballer, is an active, some might say a hyper-active, President of Uefa.
And now the Folio has put in a refulgent re-appearance.
The best example from Tennyson, for comparison with Keats' sonnet on Homer, is "Milton" (1863), where Milton's Eden is almost cast adrift by the speaker's reacling about it-he experiences "Charm, as a wanderer out in ocean, / Where some refulgent sunset of India / Streams o'er a rich ambrosial isle" (ll.
refulgent offspring of its rough and unreined desire
But the remnant of the people of Israel, the survivors, Keren, will remember the strange months of colorful winds, winds bearing feathers of all sizes, of every color and shade, splendorous, refulgent, luminous.