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Some massive ones sit on foundations of refulgent blue, or enormous crystalline plinths.
In these refulgent works, the sulfur (a chemical typically used in metalwork to form a patina) appears to have burned the silver leaf, leaving streaks of black--dark marks that emphasize the ever-present strain of destructiveness in her work, the death-inflected or even death-infected.
Evans had taken the famous Latin palindrome --In Girum, Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni--and curled it into a refulgent halo or crown, reading backwards and forwards in a perpetual loop.
Because Sorabji has been painted in such refulgent hues as representing India's New Woman, this article shall try to show how Sorabji, in turn, portrays the philanthropic New Woman of the West (in the form of a Lady Doctor) in her short story.
Revealing the company's future plans, the spokesperson said, “We look forward to a refulgent future.
Life does not unfold as some old sheet strewn across a brass bed in the dusky attic of history; our destinies as children, parents, and teachers do not flow unilaterally toward a single vertigo-inducing epiphany, some pyrotechnic explosion of iridescent and refulgent splendor where we lay becalmed, rocking on a silent sea of pure bliss, or where we are held speechless in some wind-washed grove of cedars, happily in the thrall of an unbridled, unsullied and undiluted love of incandescent intensity.
His work as a whole--which includes pedagogic, religious, erotic, and aesthetic sensibilities not addressed here--thus combines the austere tones of philosophy with a refulgent evocation of the variety of human experience.
Not only does this indicate that transparency is non-existent, but also gives those of us who have had many years experience of our politicians activities smell the refulgent and slightly fishy odour of a Cardiff Bay rat
Vital to Williams's stage magic, Mother is rescued from the throes of the "desperately fleeting" in a moving conclusion refulgent with Biblical allusions.
Long-established tobacco products on the other hand have that unique quality of giving the user a legal high with the fragrance of a landfill site on a refulgent summer's day.
In this refulgent summer," Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in July 1838,
His priest was moving faster, barely leaning forward between the altar boys, the Ciborium against his chest, his glasses refulgent with light.