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According to the report, airline companies aiming to improve performance of their aircrafts are refurbishing the interiors & lowering gross weight of the aircraft.
The problem with the refurbishing industry though is that it remains quite unstructured and unorganised.
The pact builds on Rota s computer refurbishing initiative, which will support QA s programme on computer refurbishing for its Laptops for Workers drive.
The report, called "Global Aircraft Refurbishing Market (Commercial, Cargo And Business Aircrafts) (2012 - 2017)," can be reached at http://www.
Coperion is offering refurbishing service across a full range of sizes.
There are certain criteria in purchasing refurbished or refurbishing existing furniture that could aid in attaining credits.
JLG will be refurbishing the ATLAS and 6000 M model telehandlers.
us) ran an in-house refurbishing program, using private donations, and the IT staff and volunteers from local colleges performed the work.
My advice would be to look for a company that has had an established nationwide reputation for many years and ask for details on their refurbishing process," says Mighell.
Refurbishing the existing relocatable buildings will cost about $1.
But it also has created an opportunity for sham recyclers as well and an excuse for new equipment manufacturers to crack down on refurbishing competition.
These developments along the transformed waterfront will be a catalyst for refurbishing the surrounding rundown residential districts.