refusal to accept

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I don't know, of course, how far your wife's family are aware of what people say about--well, about Madame Olenska's refusal to accept her husband's latest offer.
It was this reply that lay on the table--a brief, formal note, setting forth Miss Boyd's absolute refusal to accept any portion of the money.
03 (ANI): Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said that Muhammad Ali Jinnah didn't want a separate country for Muslims, but happened due to Indian leaders' refusal to accept minority status for Muslims and Sikh in the country.
Mujahid Afridi who is nephew of PTI district president, had gunned down Asma Bibi, a medical college student for her refusal to accept marriage proposal from the former and had fled abroad.
However, Mr Varadkar criticised its refusal to accept the findings of the report into the scandal.
Indian refusal to accept UN appeals on human rights of Kashmiris is illogical and absurd,' Malik, who continues to remain in custody from 8th July, said in a message.
I share his criticism and disappointment with our politicians, not only with the hysterically unstatesmanlike way in which they tried to promote the Remain cause, but also their continuing refusal to accept the will of the people.
YOU are angered by 28-stone benefits claimant Jodie Sinclair's refusal to accept medial help
Members of Unison, the GMB and Unite were due to walk out in England and Northern Ireland tomorrow in protest at the Government's refusal to accept a recommended 1% wage rise for all NHS staff.
Members of Unison, the GMB, the Royal College of Midwives and Unite were due to walk out for 12 hours in England and Northern Ireland and again next month in protest at the Government's refusal to accept a recommended 1% wage rise for all NHS staff.
Let's keep in mind that Francis has been unequivocal in his refusal to accept violence as a Christ-like reaction to problems.
Lebanon's political machine has ground to a halt because of Hizbullah's refusal to accept any compromise on presidential candidates.