refusal to become involved

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Anderlecht's sudden refusal to become involved puts the whole Eurostadium project in jeapordy.
It dressed up its refusal to become involved by drawing a line in the sand, which was Assad's use of chemical weapons.
Meanwhile Mr Miliband's refusal to become involved in the row over underfunding by the Government of its scheme to introduce free bus travel for pensioners is making him increasingly unpopular among Labour transport chiefs in Tyne & Wear.
They have however expressed disappointment at Scotland's refusal to become involved, while the FA of Wales will make a decision next month.
I shouldn't think they have much if anything at all to do with your husband's refusal to become involved in your brother and sister-in-law's marriage.
This follows their cover-up of the infamous ball-tampering incident in the one-day international at Lord's in 1992 between England and Pakistan, and their refusal to become involved with the Shane Warne and Mark Waugh allegations that Salim Malik offered them money to throw a Test match in Karachi a few years ago.