refusal to believe

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Freddy backed up Eliza in her obstinate refusal to believe that they could save money by engaging a bookkeeper with some knowledge of the business.
His sincerity was evident in his choice to remain silent during the National Anthem at a Battle of Britain memorial; a silence born out of respect for the war dead combined with a refusal to believe in the worship of a privileged, publicly-funded Royal family.
Even as local broadcaster TV2 reported that Tan's private jet was leaving their land with the Molde FK manager in tow, there was a refusal to believe what quickly looked inevitable.
7 VERDICT GAME was nothing to shout about, particularly from Hearts' point of view, but you have to admire Dundee's stubborn refusal to believe they can pull of the great escape.
Thomas, despite his stubborn refusal to believe, wanted to believe.
Cutler will share her experience of raising Temple in the 1950s when so little was known about Autism - and her refusal to believe that her daughter would not lead a productive and meaningful life.
Nevertheless, underlining the move was the nurses' desire to be paid on par with teachers and the city's refusal to believe that the nurses have the same qualifications and responsibilities as teachers.
Goodall's long-time refusal to believe in Nazi atrocities is also discussed, but it is clear that this was not the reason for his fall from favor in England after the war.
Ultimately, it is Breanne's refusal to believe which places both girls in tremendous danger.
A knee-jerk refusal to believe allegations coming out of India may be understandable given the constant history of accusations and counteraccusations between the two countries but it is wrong and it misses a golden opportunity to forge better relations on the anvil of the Mumbai attacks.
Inevitably, there are tears and tantrums and more often than not a refusal to believe that they have a fashion problem in the first place or that the fashion experts know what they're talking about but at the end of the process every single make-over results in the 'victim' looking and feeling like a new and far more attractive person.