refusal to obey

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Hearing of your refusal to obey her she looked upon it as a declaration of war, and as she considers you a man of superior talent, and consequently dangerous, she desired me to make sure of you; that is the reason of your being shut up in the Bastile.
A minute previously she was violent; now, supported on one arm, and not noticing my refusal to obey her, she seemed to find childish diversion in pulling the feathers from the rents she had just made, and ranging them on the sheet according to their different species: her mind had strayed to other associations.
The Judiciary has again begun to forcefully assert itself on the breakdown of the rule of law exemplified by the Executive's willful refusal to obey court orders.
Former president and current opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed, exiled former President Mohammed Nasheed, who is among the prisoners ordered freed, described the government's refusal to obey the Supreme Court as a "coup".
Charges against them include "acts of premeditated vandalism on public roads and refusal to obey the orders of a public officer while on duty preventing him from discharging his mission," Selliti pointed out to TAP.
However, after six months of intransigence and refusal to obey the Court of Appeal order, on October 12, 2017, Court officials with the police finally evicted Haastrup and the ENL Consortium Limited.
The day began with Warren Barguil, who won two stages and the King of the Mountains prize at July's Tour de France, being sent home by Team Sunweb for a refusal to obey team orders.
Crane's refusal to obey leads one the officers - according to police, it was Roper - to open the back driver's side door of the car, while another points a flashlight in the front passenger's window, the video shows.
Her statement is dramatic evidence of the long-lasting and traumatic effect these crimes, and Defendant's refusal to obey court orders and appear for sentencing, is having on her life.
Strick noted in his investigation the long-standing contribution of the company commander, but emphasized that the refusal to obey orders of this type is an exception to the norm expected of a commander of a combat company, and pointed out lessons to be learned from the incident.
A statement released by the NPA's Fortunato Camus Command operating in northern Luzon said the attacks were 'punishments for the companies' refusal to obey the laws' of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the NPA's political arm.
I still believe my father's refusal to obey his superiors and his subsequent connecting of Alison's death with that of schoolgirl Maartje Tamboezer did, in the long run, save lives.