refusal to pay

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Early known as one of the ablest English thinkers and philosophers, he was already opposing certain doctrines and practices of the Church when he was led to become a chief spokesman for King Edward and the nation in their refusal to pay the tribute which King John, a century and a half before, had promised to the Papacy and which was now actually demanded.
The cardinal's refusal to pay the pension was known about the town in half an hour and he was abused with wit and vehemence.
Upon her refusal to pay more and be blackmailed further, the suspect uploaded her video clip on social media.
Upon her refusal to pay him more money and further to be victim of his lust, the accused uploaded her porn video clips on the social media.
THE State's refusal to pay a disability grant to a woman with one arm sums up this country's attitude towards the disabled.
Summary: In an email to the RTA, he expressed his refusal to pay for his retest exam.
According to sources, the attack allegedly happened in the aftermath of store owners' refusal to pay extortion money, however, Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal has asked for a detailed inquiry report from officials to ascertain the facts related to the incident.
case was registered over refusal to pay a bribe to police
HYDERABAD -- Ativists of Sindh TaraqiPassand Party held a protest demonstration against sugar mill owners for their refusal to pay sugarcane growers the notified rate of the crop at Rs182/40kgs by and inordinate dealy in starting crushing season.
He submitted that boy's father runs a snooker club and the case was registered over refusal to pay a bribe to police officials.
The ombudsman said Pacatang's refusal to pay the salaries of the employees without justifiable reason "is a clear defiance and violation of the established rules which constitutes simple misconduct.
Former CNRP lawmaker Cheam Channy said the refusal to pay them seemed to be a Labour Law violation, but added that assistants to lawmakers had already begun the process of handing over materials to the National Assembly, after receiving the directive on Monday.