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The soldier is applauded who refuses to serve in an unjust war by those who do not refuse to sustain the unjust government which makes the war; is applauded by those whose own act and authority he disregards and sets at naught; as if the state were penitent to that degree that it hired one to scourge it while it sinned, but not to that degree that it left off sinning for a moment.
Friend,'' continued the physician, addressing Higg, the son of Snell, ``I refuse thee not the aid of mine art, but I relieve not with one asper those who beg for alms upon the highway.
If you refuse, I swear that your head shall pay forfeit.
But such was either the hatred or avarice of this man, that instead of doing us the good offices he pretended, he advised the King to refuse our present, that he might draw from us something more valuable.
Ah, yes," continued Caderousse, "and capital offers, too; but you know, you will be captain, and who could refuse you then?
He thought too well of himself to comprehend on what motives his cousin could refuse him; and though his pride was hurt, he suffered in no other way.
de Mazarin refuses us,' -- for he was pretty well assured I should refuse him that million.
They think Charles might not be learned and bookish enough to please Lady Russell, and that therefore, she persuaded Anne to refuse him.
Perhaps she refused to have him sent for because she knew he would refuse to come.
From the point of view of the old countess and of society it was out of the question for her to refuse him.
No, I do not yet refuse," said Dorothea, in a clear voice, the need of freedom asserting itself within her; "but it is too solemn-- I think it is not right--to make a promise when I am ignorant what it will bind me to.
Often he would positively refuse to learn, or to repeat his lessons, or even to look at his book.