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If the refuse collectors are forced out of their jobs it is another redundancy payout situation, regardless of being offered a gravedigger's job, and I have nothing against this type of work, however the refuse collector will lose out on earnings.
Successful people refuse to copy what other people have done to be successful.
By July 16, a total of 203 refuse sites throughout Bulgaria will have to be shut down even though half the newly planned regional refuse sites are still under construction.
Both technologies will be added to several Crane Carrier Company Low Entry Tilt LET2 refuse truck chassis powered by Cummins diesel engines.
Refuse To Bend is already off the mark as a sire and his progeny could be reasonably expected to improve as the season progresses, following in the mould of their sire.
The decomposed refuse samples were taken from two locations in Uyo municipality.
Also, 83-year-old Birkby widow Margaret Gibson said she had not had her refuse collected for eight months.
Can you see refuse collectors having to weigh each bag of refuse they collect?
Ultimately, physicians would be able to refuse to provide medical care based on personal disapproval of [an individual's] sexual orientation," says Lois Uttley, director of the MergerWatch Project in New York City, a group that works to protect hospital-based services from being restricted by religiously sponsored health systems.
A fundamentalist Christian or conservative Roman Catholic who, for example, opposes "right-to-die" laws, could ignore a patient's "do not resuscitate" order or refuse to remove feeding tubes, ventilators or other equipment from a patient, even if that person has a "living will" and list of advance directives.
Without such a showing, the court may well refuse even to consider the case.
state has a policy allowing some health care providers or institutions to refuse to provide some type of reproductive health care, according to an analysis by the Alan Guttmacher Institute.