refuse payment

See: dishonor
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The Deposits and Guarantees are required: An advance may be paid to the Holder in accordance with Article 87 I and II of the Public Procurement Code, if it does not refuse payment in the tender document.
At the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Lord McEwan said yesterday: "I am quite unable to say that the decision to refuse payment was in any way irrational.
Vivesoy reserves the right to refuse payment against vouchers they believe to have been mis-redeemed, damaged or defaced vouchers.
But the insurers used the condition as a way to refuse payment and it took a referral to the Financial Services Ombudsman before the couple were finally recompensed.
Can I refuse payment if I don't receive a bill soon?
Marketforce (UK) reserves the right to refuse payment against incorrectly redeemed vouchers.
warning that public would soon be forced to refuse payment of electricity bills.
Cllr Bill Weightman is to intervene in the row, in the hope the Home Office will rethink its decision to refuse payment.
CCE reserves the right to refuse payment if they believe this coupon has not been accepted for such a purchase.
Alpro soya reserves the right to refuse payment against misredeemed coupons.
The police yesterday afternoon put into execution the distress warrants issued against the second batch of Edgbaston ratepayers who refuse payment of that part of the poor rate which they say is a charge in respect of 'sectarian education'.
Sweden proposes that states =should be allowed to reduce or refuse payment to employees that owned =and managed the bankrupt firm, whether this was completely or partly.