refuse to accept

References in classic literature ?
I refuse to accept this extraordinary mission," Pailleton declared, rising to his feet.
How did he know that Rachel might not refuse to accept it, too?
In an age of investigation like our own, when we are returning to science as the base of wonders--almost of miracles--we should be slow to refuse to accept facts, however impossible they may seem to be.
The Wizard did not like this invitation, but he could not refuse to accept it.
I see no reason," he said calmly, "why, until that time, you should refuse to accept your allowance from Mr.
Well, at the present moment she would refuse to accept my services," said he with a gesture.
However proud you may be, you will not refuse to accept one of them, and to request your three companions to accept the others--that is, in order to make war against us.
You have given in your resignation; shall I refuse to accept it?
Do you ask me to help you, and do you refuse to accept the first suggestion I offer?
The government of Saudi Arabia has said that it is to impose fines on firms that refuse to accept credit cards for payments.
In a strongly-worded statement, the French League authorities expressed astonishment at the decision by Spain's Football League to refuse to accept the transfer money and sign a release of Neymar from Barcelona.
She studied the note in detail and realising it was issued by Clydesdale Bank, she refused to accept it stating that it was not legal tender and that should she attempt to pass this on to another customer as part of their change, then they would refuse to accept it.