refuse to acknowledge

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Impact said the action meant staff "will refuse to acknowledge instructions from the manager".
Should the debtor still refuse to acknowledge the debt, a solicitor would then file a claim with the County Court.
The council refuse to acknowledge the link between the vibration caused by lorries thundering over the speed bumps and the collapse.
While four out of 10 of us refuse to acknowledge our home dcor choices are anything other than our own, 26% of us readily admit we are heavily influenced by our parents' choice of home decoration.
However, many governments, including Britain, refuse to acknowledge the change as they don't officially recognise the ruling military government.
It does little good to expand the covered conditions if you refuse to acknowledge those who should be covered.
Meanwhile the appointed secretary was even refusing to acknowledge the blessing conferred on him, because it was still possible that the majority of Finance committee members might refuse to acknowledge, and out rightly reject his appointment.
The poor down-trodden smokers refuse to acknowledge and their supporters amongst the bleeding heart liberals, who denounce the smoking ban as an erosion of democracy, forget to acknowledge the basic purpose of the ban and the reason for its introduction.
to reclaim Britain from the grip of those who refuse to acknowledge the centrality of British values of tolerance, fair play and parliamentary democratic freedoms.
As long as both ends of the sexuality spectrum refuse to acknowledge that bisexuality is a completely valid orientation for many of us; that many people--even monogamous people-can love men at times, women at other times, something in between at other times; that we can do this without being in the midst of some "phase" that we will grow out of, girls will continue to discount some of their most wonderful life relationships.
He details why he considers string theory not to really be a theory, but simply a hunch that has been perpetuated by leaders in the physics community who refuse to acknowledge its failure.
A contender for one of the worst jobs on Earth, shambling around the world's second-oldest underground rail system, accosting citizens who don't care to prove they've paid their fares (whether they have or haven't) and refuse to acknowledge your authority in any case, has got to be soul-deadening in a very special way.