refuse to authorize

See: forbid
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If both houses of Congress back the president's request then the responsibility will be joint among them, but if they refuse to authorize military action, then the president can say that he wanted to conduct a strike but that Congress stopped him.
Deputy Prime Minister Samir Mouqbel said Friday that Sleiman was right to refuse to authorize the decree.
Can we refuse to authorize her requests for days off when she calls in with excuses involving her grandchildren?
We will strongly encourage the committee to respect the Constitution and refuse to authorize public funding for churches," Lynn said.
Patients have the right to sue insurers that refuse to authorize medically necessary treatment, the.
A PATIENT'S RIGHT TO SUE Patients have the right to sue health insurers that refuse to authorize medically necessary treatment, the US.
Point-of-sale software may refuse to authorize credit card transactions or third-party prescription reimbursements, for example.
Mandatory indemnification and advancement of expenses addresses concerns that, in the event of a takeover or other change of control, the new board or other decision-makers will refuse to authorize indemnification or advancement of expenses in a subsequent proceeding," Waryjas explains.
For example, managed care plans often refuse to authorize physical therapy for people with chronic conditions because such therapy would only maintain rather than improve functions.
For example, they may refuse to authorize physical therapy in MS in the belief that "medical necessity" requires the restoration or improvement of function.
The health care insurer of the patient, which also has accepted a premium, this time not from a corporation or a perceived highly paid health care professional, but from people who believe that the insurer has their best interests at heart, yet are faced with insurers that refuse to authorize the device for use, contending the cost greatly outweighs any proven efficacy, or even that the cost of losing a few cases is far outweighed by the profit made.