refuse to confirm

References in classic literature ?
You yourself, mademoiselle, probably will not refuse to confirm my statement that I invited you through Mr.
a fellow pro-abortionist, announced that they would refuse to confirm President Bush's nominee to head the FDA, Andrew von Eschenbach, until the Plan B pill was approved.
The attacks happened in the West Harton area of South Shields on Sunday night although police refuse to confirm they were linked but admitted all were on convenience stores by a gang armed with a handgun.
Though Cobasys officials refuse to confirm it, GM sources indicate the company's NiMHax HEV (Nickel Metal Hydride, Hybrid Electric Vehicle) battery pack will be used in the strong hybrid version of GM's 2007 full-size SUVs.
CARSON - Dutch coach Hans Westerhoff will be Chivas USA's next head coach, although club officials refuse to confirm he will succeed Thomas Rongen.