refuse to disclose

See: withhold
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The [Ethics in Government Act] does not allow a reporting individual to refuse to disclose the underlying assets of an investment vehicle, on the basis that such disclosure would violate a pre-existing confidentiality agreement.
SIR - How can those who supported Tony Blair's decision to take revenge for 9/11 on a deranged despot (who had nothing to do with 9/11), that resulted in the death of more than 100,000 people (whom he refused to even count), the displacement of over a million; that has transformed Iraq into one of the most dangerous places in the world, which they now refuse to disclose the results on an inquiry into; demand that the present leaders of Sri Lanka should be charged with war crimes, having transformed a country that had suffered decades of civil war, into one of the safest places on the Indian subcontinent?
Israeli occupation authorities continue to refuse to disclose the names of citizens who were detained during the war of aggression on Gaza and refuse to give an announcement of the places of detention, despite the testimony of dozens of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who were released following the arrest period.
Many recognize pricey test-prep companies, which refuse to disclose numbers, as significant beneficiaries of the trends.
In many cases, however, lenders refuse to disclose the information.
Incredibly, under the present system they can REFUSE to disclose whether parents have lodged complaints against them.
On what credible grounds could the church refuse to disclose what they do with your money?
The Swedish national post and telecommunications agency PTS issued a statement today (17 April) saying that the Swedish-Finnish telecomms operator TeliaSonera could not refuse to disclose its fixed-line customers' telephone numbers to the number information services operator Itesco.
Less successful are essays falling into two overlapping camps: those that refuse to disclose the critical methods by which they interpret allusion and those that substitute Jonathan Bate for Ovid -- and theory -- as the chief source of critical engagement.
companies refuse to disclose where they make their products, says Kernaghan, because "they know the American people would be sick to their stomachs if they knew the conditions under which these products are made.
Police and prosecutors say their case is sound and will be built on evidence they refuse to disclose.
But many don't, and some lawmakers, like Conyers, refuse to disclose what leave or vacation time aides took for campaign work.