refuse to grant

References in classic literature ?
Could I refuse to grant her trifling request, after all I owed to her kindness?
The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.
The Home Office will refuse to grant student visas to applicants who plan to attend a college that is not on the register, he said.
I thought it was the height of irony that a magazine could call itself The Progressive, extol Kucinich as the most progressive candidate, and yet refuse to grant him decent coverage.
Magistrates around the UK could now also refuse to grant World Cup final extensions.
Such risks and uncertainties include the risk that the FDA may not follow the advice of the advisory committee and may refuse to grant regulatory approval for adefovir dipivoxil, may grant approval for a more limited indication or may require significant post marketing commitments.
I can't believe anyone can refuse to grant a dying man his last wish.
Accordingly, Littelfuse has requested that the Taiwanese Patent Office refuse to grant the Polytronics patent.
The assumptions upon which the forward-looking statements are based include without limitation that the Department of State for the State of Florida will not refuse to grant the company's requested change of name pursuant to the Articles of Amendment thus submitted, and that the company will be successful in changing the company's ticker symbol subsequent thereto.
outstanding, or refuse to grant additional borrowing under the $55