refuse to know

See: disregard
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Do you refuse to know an animal that has laboured so long in your service?
Should I refuse to know them now simply because I happen, for the present, to live among humans?
If you refuse to know any more spoilers, it might not be a good idea to read on.
That burning sense of injustice fired the Blues to a win at AEK in the Europa League, and saw them refuse to know when they were beaten by Harry Redknapp's Tottenham.
In a time like this, when the globe is afroth with information, we refuse to know the most basic of facts.
Also, the individual has the right to refuse to know the results of a test.
They refuse to know their place, which is why it would be wonderful to see the faces of the Juventus or AC Milan players if their coach turned into the Sainsbury's car park to play the Dons next season.