refuse to obey

See: disobey
References in classic literature ?
Woe to boys who refuse to obey their parents and run away from home
In these Mrs Western herself began to talk to her in a more peremptory stile than before: but her father treated her in so violent and outrageous a manner, that he frightened her into an affected compliance with his will; which so highly pleased the good squire, that he changed his frowns into smiles, and his menaces into promises: he vowed his whole soul was wrapt in hers; that her consent (for so he construed the words, "You know, sir, I must not, nor can, refuse to obey any absolute command of yours") had made him the happiest of mankind.
You refuse to obey the claims of duty, honour, and gratitude.
IT'S a bit like the Garden of Eden in reverse - the Government were ordered to bite the Apple but refuse to obey the Euro gods.
He added: "These crimes against the peoples of Iraq and Syria in general, and the Kurds in particular, calls from international organizations, at the forefront of the United Nations and the European Union and the countries sponsoring projects of peace and stability in the region, to take practical move to hit this force and all incitements parties that refuse to obey the principles of democracy and peaceful coexistence among peoples.
16--The111th Infantry Mountain Brigade in Ahwar district of Abyan governorate has witnessed a division in the past two weeks, as two units in the brigade refuse to obey their commander's orders to fight off Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).
Everyone knows the story: Some refuse to obey the laws, they refuse to work, they wear gold chains, they drive big fancy cars, and just look at their personal appearances -- you can see they don't go hungry.
Police forces refuse to obey the demands of protesters.
Lifeguards, on their part, often complain from undisciplined beachgoers, who refuse to obey their directions.
Sexual sin and crime starts when we reduce our moral guard and refuse to obey the standards that God has defined for us in His Word, the Bible.
Young Asian women are beaten, mutilated and terrorised by their fathers, brothers, uncles and sometimes even their mothers simply because they refuse to obey old, evil religious laws.
He no longer trusts his deputies and he sent his shameful letter to them, with which he definitely destroyed all hopes that he has any democratic awareness" According to the author, Gruevski is afraid of the "rascals" in his own ranks who might refuse to obey him, which means formation of a new parliamentarian majority and a new technical government.