refuse to supply

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the refuse to supply semi and tractor for the transport of waste collected by the cleaning service of the municipality, so that it is easily and economically transported to the disposal site.
But in future those who refuse to supply the details will be chased for the entire bill with assets such as their cars being seized.
Gavin, community psychiatric nurse, Glasgow WHILE the debate rages about midwives' rights to object to abortion, we have had rules for years allowing pharmacists to refuse to supply emergency contraception on moral grounds.
And while a lot of businesses will have a good understanding of what they can or can't include, or if they can refuse to supply one altogether, there are certainly also a lot of employers who are unsure of their responsibilities.
Iran has screamed loudly that it is illegal to refuse to supply fuel--so it is doing what it insists is against the law.
Its terms: "A requested [EU] member state cannot refuse to supply information concerning a taxpayer of the requesting member state solely because this information is held by a bank or other financial institution.
Clwyd West MP David Jones said: "It is astonishing the Home Office refuse to supply more than 25 copies of this valuable leaflet.
But the EU will not accept foreign approvals and with its own approval system running far behind need, producers are increasingly faced with a difficult choice: either they run one system for the EU and another for everywhere else, with all the resulting costs; or they refuse to supply Europe.
The club's decision to refuse to supply training kit is just the latest in a line of cost-cutting exercises.
His action follows a complaint by a mairder dealer who said he was told he would have to stick to the minimum price for a decorative plate or Royal Worcester would refuse to supply him in future.
Some of these plans refuse to supply services like birth control.