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An officer who refuses a superior's order to file a report concerning a specific incident could be dismissed for insubordination.
Practitioners who have "reasonable grounds" to believe "in good faith" that the information is privileged, however, may refuse to submit it.
Cain, concerned with self, lets sin in the door, but more importantly, he refuses to acknowledge his effect on the "other"; he refuses to remember and to mourn his brother Abel.
Still, prosecutors often refuse to take a case even when evidence of physical abuse is strong.
Mediacom believes that, in reality, there is no misunderstanding on Sinclair's part and, in our view, its continued public statements that Mediacom simply refuses to pay are additional examples of the kinds of conduct that we complain about in our FCC filing," he added.
The company has confirmed through a TD Ameritrade representative that the online broker is refuse all buy orders and will only allow sell orders in the shares of SSSU.
Added Stormer, ``The city is having to pay a substantial settlement all because the LAPD refuses to punish officers accused of harassment.
If the Attorney General refuses to take action against the Sponsor, tenants may then petition the court to force Attorney General to act.
This money belongs to our members but the company refuses to pay it.
It's ironic that Northwest adamantly refuses to engage in the give-and-take needed for progress in negotiations, yet complains that progress isn't being made.
These actions by AT&T represent a serious violation of its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, and warrant revocation if AT&T refuses to pay for the services provided by other carriers.
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has certified the results of the successful union representation election at the Paulstra auto parts plant in Ithaca, Michigan, but the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) said today that Paulstra management still refuses to recognize the democratically-elected union.