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Though economic theory is perennially claimed to be based on 'provisional and refutable hypotheses', it may be considered that the issues have been fully debated and resolved, or, at least, are so well entrenched as to be accepted as a starting point for any analysis.
He added that the debate about the Majlis A'Shura interference in issues that are not within its jurisdiction is refutable.
It is refutable in any part of the future and I imagine that this anti-coup movement will take about a year; after that year, once its won, and it will win; that will be the will of the people.
ASC 740 does not, however, provide guidance on the types of evidence that should be considered, and there is no bright-line test for establishing or releasing a valuation allowance, although, in practice, many public accounting firms use a 3-year cumulative loss standard as a refutable starting point.
Friedman argued that the theoretical assumptions of neoclassical models were a necessary abstraction required in order to yield refutable implications.
Attempts to spread the claim that the Lebanese resistance [Hezbollah] is aiding [the regime] are refutable," Ali told reporters after meeting Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour.
Il ne d'agit pas ici d'une operation commerciale au titre de laquelle la loi imposerait une presomption refutable d'intention d'etablir des rapports contractuels obligatoires.
According to that account, a G-level mathematical assertion from a given mathematical practice is provable, and hence its C-level correlate true, if it is provable in a formal system that is a legitimate injective idealization of the practice in question, while such a G-level assertion is refutable if it is refutable in such a formal system.
While concepts such as culture and beliefs are ubiquitous, using them to explain economic outcomes requires identifying a causal mechanism and also formulating refutable hypotheses to test with data.
We then document what has happened on the fiscal commons as the share of citizens who pay no taxes has increased, deriving a series of refutable hypotheses.
19) "A theory which is not refutable by any conceivable event is non-scientific.
Requiring all credit unions to have such federal government liquidity access is a refutable assertion.