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These refutations must be on the same page, with the same size and font as the original story.
to issue a first-of-its-kind open letter in Arabic by more than 100 international scholars of Islam and Muslim leaders offering a religious refutation of the extremist ideology of the terrorist group ISIS.
In his new book, "Free Will: Its Refutation, Societal Cost, and Role in Climate Change Denial," Ortega makes a convincing case linking free will belief with climate change denial.
Science's Immunity to Moral Refutation, ALEX BARBER
Rahi's refutation came Tuesday from Beirut Airport where he arrived back from Rome.
British professor of classical languages and literatures Walsh (1923-2013) continues his translation of and commentary on Christian apologist Augustine's (AD 354-430) refutation of the complaints of pagan antagonists.
Al-Deqbasi's refutation came in response to statements uttered by Al-Lahham and quoted by the official Syrian news agency.
The Noodigh Ondersoeck by Dutch Mennonites is a refutation of Breitinger's Latin letter to Hotton, hence also a short refutation of the Taufermanifest.
They should either give refutation or say what measures are adopted if this information is confirmed," the lawmaker said.
complying with smoking initiation) by providing a preemptive refutation before teenagers are exposed to such likely initiations in the future.
Stojanovska quotes the editor--in-chief of A1 Mladen Cadikovski who says that the channel will not publish these government reactions because they are the news editors and the government announcements are not a refutation but polemics.
Freedom of opinion and expression as well as right to refutation and correction are guaranteed by the law, the association said, adding if Mr Rajab claims to be an advocate of freedom of opinion and freedom of the Press, he should accept with the right spirit and an open mind what has been published about him and abide by the law that guaranteed for him the right to refutation rather than try and repress the Press.