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Proofs of Prophecy and the Refutation of the Ismailiyya: The Kitab Ithbat nubuwwat al-nabi by the Zaydi al-Mu'ayyad bi-llah al-Haruni (d.
Now it appears that they are either not heeding these court orders or publishing the refutations in small font in obscure parts of the papers, even if the original articles were front page headline news.
We can place refutations on all of (Paice's) assertions and believe we can score a victory'' in the latest dispute, the world's largest automaker said.
The court also ordered both papers to publish refutations within thirty days.
If scholars have hitherto struggled to explain what issue (or issues) bind(s) together this difficult Platonic dialogue, Professor Stauffer succeeds in showing that it is the issue of rhetoric, considered in light of Socrates' characteristic refutations about justice and Virtue, which holds the key to the dialogue's unity.
Strauss was a philosopher in part because he "grasped philosophy as a way of life" and "reawakened the awareness that philosophy has to prove its rationality elenctically," that is, through refutations of fundamental alternatives.
I challenge my critics to back their refutations and attacks on my findings with scientific, investigative and historical fact.
Much of the book involves summaries of theories followed immediately by refutations of those theories.
Urged by Ignatius to combat heresies, Polycarp took on the Marcionites and Valentinians; his refutations may be echoed in Basil's Letter (no.
This new book is vintage Defaux: flowing in his diction, precise in his scholarship, polemical in his refutations of competing interpretations, eloquent and personal in his approach to his subject.
Bambara's stories provide almost point-by-point, comic, and kid-powered refutations to the social tenets that are reified in fatally patronizing form in Moynihan's policy paper.