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Gently he lifted his wife's still unconscious form, and bore her to the little cabin, but it was fully two hours before she regained consciousness.
When they had forced a goblet of the fiery liquid upon him, Peter of Colfax regained his lost nerve enough so that he could raise his sword arm and defend himself; and as the fumes circulated through him, and the primal instinct of self-preservation asserted itself, he put up a more and more creditable fight, until those who watched thought that he might indeed have a chance to vanquish the Outlaw of Torn.
When he regained consciousness he found himself securely bound, as was Werper also.
As soon as Tarzan regained his senses and it was found that he was not seriously injured, the prisoners were hastened into line and the return march toward the Congo Free State boundary commenced.
But when I regained my feet I was not cured of my major afflictions.
Her real name was Jacqueline, but every one on the plantation called her La Folle, because in childhood she had been frightened literally "out of her senses," and had never wholly regained them.
When La Folle regained consciousness, she was at home again, in her own cabin and upon her own bed.
At last he got hold of another kind of cabbage, but scarcely had swallowed it when he felt another change, and he once more regained his human form.
All I know is," replied the captive, "that after having been in Constantinople two years, he escaped in the disguise of an Arnaut, in company with a Greek spy; but whether he regained his liberty or not I cannot tell, though I fancy he did, because a year afterwards I saw the Greek at Constantinople, though I was unable to ask him what the result of the journey was.
As you all know regaining confidence is a long and tough road, but there is one confidence that does not need to be regained because it was never lost: it is my confidence in Lebanon, in the Lebanese, in all of you, in your capacity to be creative, to accomplish and to surprise the world.
Echo Therapeutics Inc (Nasdaq:ECTE), a developer of a non-invasive, wireless continuous glucose monitoring system, announced on Wednesday notification by the Nasdaq Stock Market that it has regained compliance with the USD1.
For women who had regained weight in the year after their weight loss, several risk factors were actually worse than before they lost the weight," she said.