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Many displaced retailers are regaining their balance and are seeking new locations throughout the city for immediate occupancy, in order to capture the Christmas season.
Regaining Paradise Lost makes a worthy addition to the series of remarkable introductions by C.
The company is committed to resolving the issues raised in connection with the investigations, and regaining compliance with all SEC filing requirements (including the filing of its Forms 10-Q for the fiscal second and third quarters of 2007) and all NASDAQ listing requirements, as soon as possible.
If improvement in the company's business results will not be a sufficient driving force to overcome the current bid price deficiency, the company will alternatively consider a reverse split as a means for regaining compliance.
Mission officials have not given up on regaining contact with Pathfinder because there are indications that it can still function.
As part of its appeal to a Nasdaq Listings Qualifications Panel to remain listed on the Nasdaq National Market, Wave has submitted a plan to implement this reverse stock split for purposes of regaining compliance with that market's $1 minimum closing bid price continued listing requirement.
SIGA intends to monitor the bid price between now and March 21, 2006, and consider available options if its common stock does not trade at a level likely to result in SIGA regaining compliance with the minimum bid requirement.
As a result of the Company's submission to the AMEX of a revised plan for regaining compliance with the AMEX requirements with respect to its Annual Report on Form 10-KSB and its Quarterly Report on Form 10-QSB, AMEX determined that, although Apogee is not in compliance with its continued listing standards relating to SEC filings, it would continue to list Apogee's common stock pursuant to an extension, with a targeted date for completing the outstanding SEC filings and regaining compliance by July 31, 2005.
While the outcome of our discussions with NASDAQ are not certain, management believes we have a compelling case for regaining full compliance as we execute our turnaround plan and move forward with the acquisition," said Mr.
We also were notified that no additional extensions will be granted, and that the 180 days is for regaining compliance with the minimum bid price requirement only, and DPAC would be subject to delisting during that period if it should fail to comply with any other listing requirements.