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REGICIDE. The killing of a king, and, by extension, of a queen. Theorie des Lois Criminelles, vol. 1, p. 300.

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Le Paige's "only reference to Helvetius's work on the subject of royal authority," Rogister notes, "consists of an expression of surprise that Beaumont could find it in his conscience to exaggerate lapses in De l'esprit when at the same time he tolerated the regicidal notions .
All standard references list 445 as Fan's year of death, without recognizing that his execution for involvement in a regicidal plot happened on the day yiwei [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in the last month of the Chinese year, which was already in the following year in Julian calendar, or January 23, 446 to be exact.
But what a pity; the Hippodrome's spacious stage would have given added focus to Huntley/Muir's imaginative set design, part of an implicit honeycomb of passage-ways leading to a giant grid which is raised and lowered, ramp-like, to emphasise the oppress ion which the ruling classes, headed by the regicidal Boris Godunov, now Tsar, exert over the "people" by whose will they claim to govern.
There were some prizes won with Watergate, though, and ever since the days of Woodward and Bernstein, reporters across America have been trying to duplicate their regicidal feat.