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Regimental Adjutant, The Royal Welsh, Captain Ben Phillips, said: "This event will mark the final act of the RWF and also formally reaf-firm our collective identity, inclusive of the RWF heritage.
As we move forward, I intend to continue the Regimental Command Sergeant Major's Quarterly Forum via Defense Collaboration Services.
She waited patiently with her auntie and sister Shauna, 16, while her parents finished the regimental lunch.
Representing the UK and Wales on the field of battle across the world is what we do, carrying our regimental colours with us.
One of the first events of Regimental Week was also one of the most significant.
After the war the Royal Warwicks decided to make June 6 their regimental day and a service has been held on the Sunday nearest that date ever since.
Before becoming the JAG Corps' first Regimental Historian and Archivist, Mr.
Under the whole branch regimental concept, all Signal Soldiers are affiliated with the Signal Corps in a lifelong relationship.
Yesterday, the troops were led by Taffy the Regimental Goat, the Goat Major and The Regimental Band and Corps of Drums.
GOING FOR BROKE: JAPANESE AMERICAN SOLDIERS IN THE WAR AGAINST NAZI GERMANY provides a detailed history of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II and is a pick for any in-depth collection on the topic.
Karigiannis, was receptive and close ties were established, including mutual visits and a regimental bursary for graduates.
TEESSIDE soldiers will be remembered while on operations thanks to a regimental beret and prayer book presented to the Archbishop of York.

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