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She's brimming with hormones and nesting instincts while he's focused regimentally on his budding law career.
They came heaped on her plate with a wonderfully crisped portion of garlic bread, The plump tiger prawns were lined up regimentally on two wooden skewers which almost seemed too short to hold the abundance of seafood treats.
If you wanted purple, see if lilac is an acceptable alternative, Share the decorating - she does bedroom, he does living room, Give and take - make one decision each about the look of your room rather than monopolising the entire makeover, Swapshop - have a versatile look so you and your partner can swap styles every six months, Infuse your preferences on interior design in subtle ways, through accessories, borders, curtains and cushions, Make a list of your top five favourite items and work other furniture around these essentials, Not everything has to be regimentally coordinated so accept eclectic items as adding to your home home's individuality.
Clothing was dyed khaki regimentally, using whatever pigment was available - tea, coffee, mud, curry powder.
They tend to sprawl a bit and are more suited to informal gardens where their regimentally challenged growth habit will not be quite so noticeable.