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However, the high degree of regimentation required and, most importantly, the splitting up of couples or families is not acceptable to the travelling public.
He must not talk about the compatibility of economic regimentation and freedom for the individual.
The introduction is very clear on how Gournay's role, and her writings, should be judged: "Heroine of resistance in a time which aims, through the regimentation of language, at the repression of all outward displays of subjectivity, of all 'caprice,' as Boileau will say, Marie de Gournay attempts to prevent the final rupture between the dying culture of negotiations among belligerents and the new culture of courtiership" (9).
But not all nuns treated her with kindness, and she found the fierce regimentation difficult.
The book provides information regarding specific educational experiences of those interviewed and also reflects on institutionalization, regimentation, abuse, the effects of separation from home and community, and the importance of friendship.
Azzouni develops a regimentation in terms of anaphorically unrestricted quantifiers.
However, the drinking fraternity would soon get used to a bit if regimentation.
While urban and coastal residents are enjoying unprecedented prosperity, so many more remain impoverished, eking out an existence characterized by brutal work conditions and severe regimentation.
During the Maoist era, Fan Shen grew up amidst stifling regimentation that demanded total obedience.
He quickly learned, though, that he had trouble taking to the regimentation.
In this case, grant recipients have to display what Tristam calls "unquestioned submission to homeland security dogma," the central tenet of which is that regimentation and constant surveillance are necessary because it is the public at large that constitutes the real enemy.
AFTER the last great fight for freedom it was an ethical principle of living that freedom and regimentation were opposites and antagonistic.