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4] in both univariate and multiple linear regressions after 10,000 replications.
The word linear all but gives it away; the word regression causes the confusion.
Researchers conducted the meta-analysis of 14 studies in 10,098 patients who had histologic regression of a primary melanoma and whose sentinel lymph node status was available.
No multicollinearity problem for using factor and principal component scores together with multiple regression analysis with much lower RMSE values was detected in comparison with stepwise and multiple regressions, with higher RMSE values.
Previous analyses of wait time to treatment within the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx) employed a conventional least-squares regression analysis and estimated rates of change in the mean of the monthly averaged outcome variables (McCarty et al.
Merkel cell carcinoma of the eyelid: review of the literature and report of patients with Merkel cell carcinoma showing spontaneous regression.
Mohammad Zaefizadeh, Aref Jalili, Majid Khayatnezhad Roza Gholamin and Tahereh mokhtari: Comparison of Multiple Linear Regressions (Mlr) and Artificial Neural Network (Ann) in Predicting the Yield Using its Components in the Hulless Barley
It is apparent that the monthly-energy and daily-energy regressions do not match each other for this case because different days have completely different energy use profiles.
Regression analysis involves choosing the basic form of the equation, with a number of unknown coefficients, called regression coefficients.
Regression analysis was used to explain and predict F-16 MC rates using quarterly data by flying year.
All possible subsets regression analyses indicated a model for each preservice teacher group pertaining to their perceptions of self-efficacy toward teaching students with learning disabilities and their perceptions regarding personal teaching efficacy.