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Look closer, and you will realise why blocking of porn is so common among the regressive and least democratic governments.
The coalition was formed to prevent the bill from passing in an effort to protect New York communities and to promote recycling education programs in NYCHA developments across all five boroughs as an alternative to the regressive tax.
We acknowledge they are coming in and we are very concerned they are highly regressive.
The application of regressive analysis in geotechnique becomes more and more every day and us used as a proper tool for data analysis.
The proposed city fee to help fund our vital services has been called a regressive tax.
Inequalities can be explained by regressive taxation, the monopolizing of housing wealth by the elites, and the undervaluing of rural land.
Estate taxes can be progressive if they tax larger estates at higher rates, and elimination of estate taxes is regressive since it allows wealthy families to hold excessive wealth for generations.
Nevertheless, the current set of elected members of BCBC has voted in favour of these regressive measures with the local Labour Party leading the way.
That has been because it is considered a regressive tax.
From cuts in public services, to tax breaks for the well-off, the agenda being pushed through this conference is boldly, unapologetically regressive.
And the VAT, like all taxes on consumption, is regressive at its core.
Huffman called Proposition 86 a regressive tax that would disproportionately impact the black community.