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Overall this suggests that EGM access is regressively linked to lower socio-economic status, but only in terms of the overall numbers of EGMs rather than how those EGMs are then concentrated in terms of venue size.
Therefore I have a feeling that our hard won peace and stability is regressively being stolen before our watch because someone isn't taking his job seriously.
It is stipulated that both employee and employer should contribute 10 per cent of his/her wage to the account, which has a very similar approach to the housing subsidy, but with a regressively distributional function factored in.
Is duBois exploring the then-nascent implications of women's lib or regressively practicing the "world's oldest profession"?
The problematics of personal relationships, therefore, regressively lead us back to the grounding structures, to the general frame where romance consumes its unlikelihood.
Occasionally, NLPHL can show admixed regressively transformed germinal centers, but this is a rare finding.
Therefore, the generic model will work well during the wet coil condition area because the above functions are regressively obtained from wet coil condition data and the interpolation of a grey box model always has a good performance.
The only sort of adults who seek to intellectualise the programme are those regressively infantile adults who regard The Simpsons as superior to Shakespeare or Beckett.
This means that the class affix vowel regressively spreads its place of articulation and lip rounding features to the vowel of the preceding morpheme.
Historical change does not flow only in one direction; the fact that, in popular myth, a certain work-family dynamic prevailed in the mid-twentieth century does not mean that all preceding periods held regressively more concentrated versions of that period's norms.
In Koons's "Banality" series, for example, his Bear and Policeman (1988) offers a giant Sesame Street bear embracing an English bobby, its chunkily carved wood and plastic colors appealing only to the most regressively inclined.