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56) Contrary to being so novel that it was rejected by Parliament, elements of this draft bill were very conservative, even regressively so.
The rhotic hence tends to devoice after voiceless consonants such as [k], and dental [d] and [t] assimilate regressively to the rhotic, resulting in [tr], an alveolar quasi-affricate sound.
Rose has played at the previous three European Championships with the under-21s, who have been getting regressively worse.
The selection of the appropriate premorphemic alternant and the appropriate explicit imperative morpheme was done mainly by phonemic selection, either regressively or progressively; in a substantial subset of the cases, however, "a reciprocal dual selection" was shown to take place.
This is consistent with previous research in the literature that shows that access to gambling and socio-economic locations are regressively connected.
86) The realization rule thereby regressively shifts the tax burden away from those with asset appreciation.
they are struggling to progressively and regressively define the family unit.
George Slusser, meanwhile, labels Ender a "forever child" whose hero's journey moves regressively toward childhood rather than adulthood; he argues that "However cynical and cruel the manipulation, the fact remains that Ender is a weapon here, a weapon created not by accelerating the normal path of formation, but by forcing the juvenile hero back to a state of childhood 'innocence'" (79).
In addition to providing visual "evidence" of retrogressive qualities that were receiving a great deal of attention in theories of degeneracy at this time, photographs of deviant morphologies both expanded "categories of deviance"--that is new forms of the regressively abnormal--and expanded "categories of the visible body, creating new ways for people to look" (74).
They unsuccessfully try to "find a necessity for what happens," "a reason" outside of themselves for their misery and self-defeating antics, which will cause Bucky Cantor regressively to resist the obvious: "Why?
By juggling word and image, by erasing all words from the four double pages that show Max regressively cavorting with his subjects, and by reinstating the verbal text at the end, Sendak toys with the contraries of child and adult" (171).
Unless our policy-making procedures are accompanied by an inclusive politics of social learning, many people's potential to contribute to society will remain untapped and non-state public services will be regressively undemocratic and exclusive.