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According to a Norwegian University of Science and Technology-led study, an initiative is the clearest gender-differentiating factor for regret after casual sex, although other conditions also affect how much an individual regrets the encounter.
We utilized the 12-item Life Domain Regret Inventory pioneered by Roese and Summerville (2005).
Economists had missed the way regret affects us, but popular culture hadn't.
When I regret something now, I try to let the sound of my heart play itself out like the strike of the bell in that field.
Because of this, regret that builds up over a period of time is often linked to things not done rather than actions taken.
Hypothesis 1: Regret will mediate the influence of rumination on depression.
I regret not considering that I might have been a really great mom.
Education Regret Could Be Linked to Lower Degree Attainment
2006) show that anticipatory regret moves individuals away from extreme decisions.
The study of decisional regret in localized prostate cancer management would seem imperative given its incidence and the substantial vagaries in our understanding of comparative efficacy of its management.
The notion that individuals may act upon their own speculations related to regret fits nicely into an instrumental learning theory framework.
He added: "I regret that omission and I shall regret it to my dying day.