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From the moment when I dropped into this degradation, I might sometimes think regretfully of Mary--at the morning time, when penitent thoughts mostly come to us; but I ceased absolutely to see her in my dreams.
I MOST regretfully want to inform readers that there is only one branch of the National Bank of Pakistan with only one ATM in the entire district of Jhal Magsi which has a population of 149,225.
He stated that these linkages ensure industrial growth and technologic advancement but regretfully Pakistan is lagging behind in ensuring smooth and fruitful linkages between these sectors.
A statement from United Airlines said: "We have regretfully taken this decision because of the route's poor financial performance.
The camp of business tycoon Salvador Zamora said in a statement that 'we regretfully have no choice but to cancel the event' which should have been held at Pradera in Lubao, Pampanga.
Iran gave warning over the danger of terrorists in Syria and their promotion in the world but regretfully, the western governments along with some other governments in the region mobilized them and fully backed them, Jalali said.
While we were regretfully compelled to skip the July/ August print issue, Dimension's web site editor, Harrison Samphir, has been stocking our site with an amazing selection of articles and other features.
Regretfully, DALO did not receive any offers concerning lot 2 (Iveco), lot 4 (Volkswagen), lot 5 (Peugeot) or lot 8 (Various Vehicles).
I have also questions to the parliamentary minority, I wanted the meeting to be held, but, regretfully, I received invitation too
Regretfully there does not exist a sentence of the court which will exclude the possibility of the offender re-offending much to the distress of individuals or the community.
He looks at me regretfully And sighs: "It's far too late
Summary: Lebanese singer Yara as regretfully turned down her nomination to become part of the judging committee on the singing talent show "Najm Al Khaleej" (Gulf Star) in its fourth season