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Then, with a little cold sigh, he seemed to signify that he regretfully surrendered the late marquis to the penalty of his turpitude.
He spoke regretfully and lapsed for a moment into his weary condition.
At the end of an hour I would wake up regretfully and find my face as smooth and as soft as an infant's.
I'm afraid I can't stay and have it with you," he said regretfully.
The sun poured down its burning rays upon the heathen deities of marble and bronze: it raised the temperature of the water in the conch shells, and ripened, on the walls, those magnificent peaches, of which the king, fifty years later, spoke so regretfully, when, at Marly, on an occasion of a scarcity of the finer sorts of peaches being complained of, in the beautiful gardens there - gardens which had cost France double the amount that had been expended on Vaux - the
He left the ship on Tuesday, and as it steamed away from the landing-stage he gazed after it regretfully.
do not believe in God, said Pierre, regretfully and with an effort, feeling it essential to speak the whole truth.
He can make bully war-whoops," said Davy a little regretfully.
So he stood waist-deep in the grass and looked regretfully across the rolling savannah and the soft-swelling foothills to the Lion's Head, a massive peak of rock that upreared into the azure from the midmost centre of Guadalcanar, a landmark used for bearings by every coasting mariner, a mountain as yet untrod by the foot of a white man.
Ah got not one leetle beet hunch," he regretfully tossed his hand into the discards.
He tried four hours and a half, and regretfully came back to five.
And she's a good ship, too," he added regretfully, after altering the course, this time making more allowance than ever for the westerly current.