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In an answer to an urgent question, he said: "While respecting Ineos' right to make this decision, it is regrettable that both parties have not managed to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement that delivers a viable business model for the plant.
BJP chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said Asaram Bapu's statement is regrettable and deeply disturbing and painful.
If it is true, it is quite regrettable,'' he told reporters as he left his private residence in Tokyo.
We certainly do not seek to brush aside concerns about the handling of particular cases, but we do not believe that these individual case errors - however regrettable they may be - point to more fundamental flaws in the Criminal Justice System in North Wales.
As a result, the remaining 220 stores will be closed imminently with the regrettable loss of 2,500 jobs.
It is truly regrettable that this could not be done.
Steven House said: "Having been chief constable of Strathclyde Police for a year, I have no direct knowledge, nor can I comment directly, about Ms Ramsay's regrettable recollections of her time in the force.
It is regrettable that the WTO DSU (dispute settlement understanding) mechanism is allowed to be used by a WTO member which is in no way affected by the measures challenged," the Commission said.
Everything that happened last season regarding that was regrettable and in the heat of the moment," said Beadle.
It is regrettable, however, that apart from Martin Charles's stunning cover picture of the interior of St Mary's, Wellingborough, there are no colour plates: Comper and colour went together, and black-and-white pictures hardly do justice to his marvellous, joyous, beautiful work.
President Bush's unjustified invasion of Iraq--resulting in the regrettable death of her son and 2,300 other troops, plus countless Iraqis--certainly is cause for impeachment.
We need an assurance that there will be no repeat of the regrettable raid that happened [on 2 March]," Bruce was quoted as saying.