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Professionalism is a lofty ideal, but regrettably it lacks specificity and has not held sway as the onslaught of industry money has deflected many physicians' internal moral compasses.
Regrettably, though, Corteguera does not adequately explain the origins of this phenomenon or the virulence it attained by 1640.
As we all know, unfortunately, our country has a problem in far too many parts of the world today, especially in the Middle East and South East Asia, a problem we have regrettably developed over many years through both Republican and Democratic administrations, and a problem that does not lend itself to a quick fix or a single solution or a simple plan.
Regrettably, video conferencing calls usually appear to the firewall as an unwanted intrusion.
Regrettably, councils are not permitted to refuse to sell copies of the electoral register to commercial companies.
Crainer, regrettably, does not get into the anatomy of "great decision making," perhaps because his case histories are so eclectic and cover such a time span.
Regrettably, this chapter uses only two brief pages to mention equipment: reader-scanners and the M drive.
Regrettably, both industries are often plagued with the same counter-productive attitude toward turnover: Many hoteliers, like many nursing home administrators, use the fact of turnover to scoff at training, i.
I'm not sure what I expected, but regrettably, I found only a statue and plaque attesting to this extraordinary black nationalist's life.
Thus, while economic growth is necessary to contain budget deficits, it regrettably is not sufficient.
Nevertheless, regrettably, we must now take this step in order to gain additional time and the legal means to further rationalize our cost structure and protect our business and our customers.