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People will always make some mistakes and wonder whether an alternate decision would have led to a better outcome; however, we may be able to encourage people to think about their actions and inactions more fully in the present to avoid regretting as many actions and inactions in the future.
Marriages which last over seven years appear to get stronger, with just 4% regretting it by year seven.
It's a big club and I read my former chairman saying how me and Jamie Hamill must be regretting our decision.
Again, it was young people who were most concerned about their debts, with one in five regretting borrowing too much money.
Women whose relationship was marked by substantial conflict before they underwent tubal sterilization had an elevated likelihood of regretting the decision; conflict also played a role in women's request that either their own or their husbands' sterilization be reversed.
Only then we wait so long that all opportunities pass us by and instead of regretting making a wrong move, we regret the missed chance.