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Tate was in favour of the regroupment, but it seems rather unclear how such a unification of left-wing forces could have held together.
157) A certain measure of stability is also required for the law to have any effective influence, (158) which is unattainable when the status of parenthood is unbundled and its various constituent elements are capable of regroupment in countless ways.
This forced regroupment of population was also a military and political tool as it was deliberately exercised to bring them under a close watch of the government to eliminate the possibility of lending their support to the opposition.
The Regroupment consists of fifty shelter and transition houses for women victims of marital violence.
The man and his four-year-old son were held at a PoW regroupment centre near Najaf by the 101st Airborne Division.
Bulletin du regroupment des chercheurs-chercheures en histoire des travailleurs et travailleuses du Quebec