regular employment

References in classic literature ?
Listen," said the abbe, extending his hand over the wounded man, as if to command him to believe; "this is what the God in whom, on your death-bed, you refuse to believe, has done for you -- he gave you health, strength, regular employment, even friends -- a life, in fact, which a man might enjoy with a calm conscience.
Though very well known and appreciated in the shipping world, he had no regular employment.
But I am in my regular employment, you must consider.
Bang go Bet's wistful dreams of a steady income and a husband in regular employment.
It was a supplementary agreement, aside from her regular employment contract.
Ombudsman Punjab ordered Secretary Local Government and Community Development Department to issue orders of regular employment in favour of the applicant and all those recruited alongwith him.
We took into account the income made from regular employment, fee-based contracts, renting real estate and receiving remittances from abroad.
Besides regular employment, the functioning of the factory enables additional 5,000 indirect employments in companies connected with "Jugohrom".
Tamkeen's team also promoted entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to regular employment, as well as underlining its role in advancing economic growth, innovation, and job creation, and the various support programmes offered by Tamkeen and its partners in this area.
According to a study by the United Nations University, individuals who swap regular employment for self-employment experience a significant increase in life satisfaction.