regular procedure

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Speaking about the mass arrest of the illegal workers, the minister said, "Ministry of Manpower has followed a regular procedure.
She noted that the online visa process took about two working days while the regular procedure took about four to seven working days or maybe more.
The regular procedure, that has been effective, was that those expatriates first finalise the visa fee payment upon arriving at the airport, and then proceed to the immigration counters to get their entry permits.
Thanks to our great British weather, any external damage to a roof could more than likely translate into internal water damage, so inspecting loft panels and walls for mould and stains should be a regular procedure for home-owners, who should flag any untoward discoveries immediately.
What we noticed after six months of half our teams using the automated model and the other half following our regular procedure," says Molly Poppe, spokesperson for DSS, "is that the automated model was boosting personnel efficiency by 20%.
German philosopher Max Weber once said: "The modern view of criminal justice, broadly, is that public concern with morality or expediency decrees expiation for the violation of a norm; this concern finds expression in the infliction of punishment on the evil doer by agents of the state, the evil doer, however, enjoying the protection of a regular procedure.
The regular procedure would have to be followed to appoint two new members and the next meeting cannot be held until this is done, he added.
Morrison mentioned that the refugees would have to go through the regular procedure of asking refuge in a country.
SDSM sources say that the procedure launched a couple of days ago for appointing a new president of SDSM's municipal organization has nothing to do with the latest developments in the Municipality of Centar considering it is a regular procedure, bearing in mind Sipovik's term of office expired last year, which however could not have been carried out thus far because of Sipovik's detention.
David Splaine, who was mildly concussed in a fall in a handicap hurdle on the same card, was stood down for six days in accordance with regular procedure.
The Irish embassy added it will be following regular procedure in providing support to the O'Sullivan family.
After VMRO-DPMNE's members proposed additional consultations, I agreed to withdraw the proposal and the procedure and instead of being in summary proceedings, it will be in regular procedure," Trajanov said.