regular proceeding

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He went up to him quickly, received the comte in his arms, and as they were not yet sufficiently distant from the house for the servants, who had remained at the door to watch their master's departure, not to perceive the disorder in the usually regular proceeding of the comte, the valet called his comrades by gestures and voice, and all hastened to his assistance.
It also took a decision to resume the regular proceedings as of August 16th.
During the course of regular proceedings of the Commission, PTI never asked for summoning ROs as witnesses, he added.
These advisory meetings are open to the public, with meetings beyond the first open to public testimony after regular proceedings including the group discussion.
The first session of both parliaments is expected to take place soon when speakers will be elected through voting and both parliaments will start their regular proceedings.
Muhammad Sharif Virk, Member, is conducting regular proceedings of the cases of Enforced Disappearances with the assistance of Law Enforcing Agencies for tracing out the Missing Persons.
The CAG report, released late last week, has indicted the Delhi government for mismanagement of the Games and both the BJP-led NDA and the Left have indicated that they will insist that regular proceedings in both Houses be suspended on Monday, to allow focus on this.
The opponents traded breaks throughout the second set but failed to decide the winner in regular proceedings.
The Greek parliament interrupted regular proceedings and opposition parties demanded a full investigation.
Gottwald announced his decision today as part of the regular proceedings of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting in Richmond, Virginia.
The House failed to take up the complete agenda on Orders of the Day, with points of order interrupting regular proceedings.
The Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances comprising of the former senior judge of Supreme Court Justice Javed Iqbal and Muhammad Sharif Virk is conducted regular proceedings of the missing persons cases.