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Residents told Mail Today that regularisation would prevent frequent interruptions by civic agencies and local police.
It was further pleaded that all petitioners fulfil the criteria of regularisation and still working on daily wages for last several years with NHA without any break.
Ben Ahmed added that the meeting is part of the initiative meant to speed up the regularisation of the situation of UGET members.
Si dans les autres regions du Royaume, le deroulement de la campagne de regularisation va bon train quoique des critiques continuent d'emerger quant au nombre de personnes regularisees, au sud du Maroc, la situation est critique.
The deputy minister also announced a new national committee for the regularisation of illegal migrants, presided over by the National Human Rights Council (CNDH).
Mustapha Ould Salma appelle de nouveau a la regularisation de la situation de sa famille
L'accord conclu jeudi sous la forme d'un amendement, et qui devrait facilement etre vote dans les prochains jours, etablit cinq criteres avant toute regularisation permanente de sans-papiers.
The other issues are pay anomalies, regularisation of ad-hoc employees and there are other issues within the secretariat and the most important of which is the issue of electricity," said Ahmad.
The Regularisation procedure allows the local authority to assess works that have been carried out without the submission of plans or giving of statutory notice of inspection - the latter is for building notice applications for minor works where plans are not submitted.
ISLAMABAD, July 29 -- The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has received an overwhelming response to its amnesty scheme for regularisation of belated returns and easy exit facility to dormant companies, which was launched on July 1, 2010 for three months.
La recherche historique sur les programmes de regularisation au Canada indique que ceux-ci ne suppriment pas l'illegalite des migrants; ils ne font qu'en modifier la configuration.