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The committee also discussed the efficiency of the legal and legislative frameworks that regularize the sector and how to improve them, the major challenges of production and exploration facing investors in this field in a bid to submit proposals and recommendations on the ideal utilization of natural resources and minerals in the Sultanate.
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia Tuesday extended by four more months an amnesty enabling illegal foreign workers to regularize their status or return home without prosecution.
Online reactions to the announcement of the grace period were not supportive amid claims that most of the foreigners staying illegally in the kingdom would not attempt to regularize their situations.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information and Higher Education, Mushtaq Ghani, Wednesday said that decision has been taken to regularize 900 Teaching Assistance of provincial colleges and the related formalities would be completed very soon.
The meeting came up with allocating a full chapter in the Labour Law, which is being reviewed on regularizing work at the oil and gas sector due to its vital role in the national economy and the special conditions it requires to regularize the work according to the environment and circumstances of the work in a bid to contribute in improving, developing and upgrading the level of efficient production to achieve career stability for workers in this sector.
ISLAMABAD -- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has constituted a committee to scrutinize and review the performance of 32 daily wage employees to regularize them.
Muscat, July 7 (ONA) The subcommittee of the Economic Committee, in-charge of studying the laws that regularize the utilization of natural resources and minerals held its 2nd meeting at the State Council today.
They have demanded of Punjab government to regularize their services or extend their contract immediately otherwise they will be rendered jobless.
The protesting female teachers during the demonstration chanted slogans against the authorities concerned for paying minimum monthly stipend and demanded to regularize them.
CMA researched and studied the legislative, audit and procedural tools related to the finance tools that are compatible with the tenets of the Sharia and prepared the initial draft for the regulations that regularize the tools of the capital market and insurance.
RAWALPINDI -- Education department has decided to regularize 600 contract employees of Rawalpindi division.
LAHORE -- Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute(PGMI) and Lahore General Hospital Prof Dr Anjum Habib Vohra has appreciated the decision of announcing to regularize paramedics staff working under Board of Management and on contract in hospitals throughout the province.