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Of this figure, 8,697 were voluntarily regularized by their employers.
According to Director Curadas reports, there were 8,001 workers who were regularized after the DOLE Regional Offices conducted 149 consultations which were attended by 10, 215 representatives from 7,607 establishments/principals/contractors nationwide.
In this section, we present the smallest regularized trapezoid cover for the family [DELTA]; this new result implies the result in [6] about the smallest regularized parallelogram cover for the family [DELTA].
He said that after this came to my knowledge, thorough departmental survey was done and after fulfilling all formalities and adopting the procedure these 44 contractual employees who have different disabilities were now being regularized and given appointment letters in KMC.
Of the total, 12, 689 were regularized in 2017 out of the total workers regularized by 141 establishments, while the remaining 10,010 workers were regularized in 2016 upon the assumption of the Duterte administration.
Meanwhile, he bared that 45,605 workers had been regularized as of the first quarter of 2017.
Among the supervisors of the daily wagers, there are 12 Naib Qasids, four dafris, two gardeners, 12 sweepers, three drivers, one generator operator and one Khadim for the mosque have also been made regularized.
The committee also called officials of Planning commission, Law and Justice and Finance ministry to come in the next meeting in order to make a frame work for these employees who deserved to be regularized in recognition of their services.
In an earlier statement, the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) said 10,532 workers nationwide were regularized by 195 establishments within 100 days of consultations with the regional offices.
Justice Qazi Faez Isa inquired from counsel of Punjab government ' tell us what is the law under which contract employees of CM house were regularized.
The teachers' body said that the teachers who have qualified Sindh University and Iqra University test be regularized along with the regularization of NTS pass contract teachers.
He further said that around 475 doctors were working in PPHI in different BHUs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, adding that we were trained the LHWs as the government were regularized them but still we were on the contract.