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AES regulates the speed of the variable-displacement pump so that oil flows only when it is needed, and that flow is continuously monitored for operating efficiency, says Firth.
The AhR regulated GFP expression system described here could be a useful tool to elaborate the molecular mechanism by which AhR regulates important developmental genes in vascular tissues.
State law says the pollution increase will mean the return of tighter standards, forcing more businesses to regulate ride sharing and other measures starting June 1.
Similarly, regulating P under RBRVS, taken alone, may not produce any savings (lowering growth in TC) unless one also regulates Q or, what is effectively the same thing, regulates TC.
Under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA), the government also regulates labs that do interstate business.
A collaboration between scientists in the Slack laboratory and at Asuragen revealed that human let-7 regulates the expression of ras and that mis-regulation of let-7 in human lung cells likely contributes to the development of lung cancer via altered expression of ras.
Also regulates privacy protection of personal health information.
Rimonabant, a drug that regulates appetite, is in Phase III clinical trials.
When the federal government regulates complex industries, it tends to slay away from placing large numbers of federal employees in each state to effectively regulate the industry in question.
Furthermore, the Basel Convention on the Control of Trans-boundary Movements of Hazardous Waste of 1989 regulates dumping by ships traversing international waters.