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Customary; usual; with no unexpected or unusual variations; in conformity with ordinary practice.

An individual's regular course of business, for example, is the occupation in which that person is normally engaged to gain a livelihood.


(Conventional), adjective according to rule, accustomed, average, classic, common, commonplace, conformable, consuetudinal, consuetudinary, conventional, customary, everyday, expected, familiar, general, habitual, iustus, natural, normal, ordinarius, ordinary, popular, prevailing, prevalent, routine, run of the mill, stock, traditional, typical, unchanged, undeviating, unexceptional, usual, wonted, workaday
Associated concepts: regular employment, regular interest


(Orderly), adjective balanced, certus, controlled, cyclic, established, even, fixed, invariable, measured, methodical, patterned, periodic, periodical, recurring, regulated, rhythmic, seasonal, stable, steady, successive, symmetrical, systematic, uniform, unvarying, well-regulated
Associated concepts: presumption of regularity, regular course of business, regular election
See also: accustomed, chronic, connected, consistent, constant, continual, conventional, current, customary, daily, familiar, general, habitual, household, mundane, natural, ordinary, periodic, prevailing, prevalent, punctual, repeated, routine, systematic, traditional, typical, uniform, usual
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com/research/hzk2t5/industrial_gas) has announced the addition of the "Industrial Gas Regulators Market - Global Forecast" report to their offering.
Sindhudurg - Dam, Waste Weir, Head Regulator & Weirs.
Global Banking News-May 20, 2013--SBI urges single regulator for home loans(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Any time companies or organizations get an answer they don't like, they will point to the need for an alternative regulator because they think they can get the answer they want somewhere else," he said.
Emerson Process Management, the leading supplier of pressure regulators and services for industrial and natural gas applications, has published Edition V of its Pressure Regulator Application Guides.
Because all three regulators bind to 353 of the genes, the researchers concluded that the regulator proteins work together in keeping a stem cell undifferentiated.
Furthermore, once a complaint is received, it may be relevant to another regulator, either because it may not have reached the most appropriate regulator or because the complaint information could be of interest to multiple regulators.
Suppose you're replacing a bad regulator that happens to be one of the internally grounded ones.
However, one recent regulatory decision suggests that the regulator, the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT), is both reluctant and ill-equipped to maintain a competitive telecommunications sector.
Intersil Corporation (Nasdaq:ISIL) has announced the new ISL6505 four-output linear regulator with ACPI control interface.
That is, a company must not only be dominant, but the regulator must show that the dominance is harmful.
We recently had a case where the FDIC was going to examine a bank as the primary federal regulator for the first time," observes Dabroski.

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