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This new law is an essential component of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 5-year, $3 billion plan to rehabilitate and construct 65,000 housing units in that it permits the Participatory Loan Program to be used for new construction as well as for rehabilitation.
The city started the program because it was taking as much as 18 months for HUD to complete foreclosure proceedings on a home, rehabilitate it and sell it.
The strategy is to rehabilitate affected irrigation systems and transportation and communication linkages using upgraded climate and disaster standards and specifications as well as build new redundant and alternate key infrastructure systems for improved resiliency, RDC Vice Chair and National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Regional Director Severino Santos said.
In addition, the grant will help support the effort to rehabilitate three small homes purchased from the U.
Prosecutors deemed Flores suitable for adult prosecution because of the seriousness of the crime, previous failures of the juvenile system to rehabilitate him and limited prospects for rehabilitating him in the future because he was nearly 18 years old, Spillane said.
York Street: Rehabilitate approximately 1,356 SY of York Street from New Rive Drive to Onslow Drive.
Winchester Road Section I: Rehabilitate approximately 3,336 SY of Winchester Road from Thomas Drive to Allen Place.