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Nottingham Road: Rehabilitate approximately 1,494 SY of Nottingham Road from Gumbranch Road to Marion Court.
Delta County: $207,300, to rehabilitate six homeowner occupied homes and assist three homeowners with emergency repairs throughout the county.
Insituform expects to rehabilitate over nine miles of wastewater pipelines ranging from 10 inches to 42 inches in diameter.
She added that UNICEF has a plan to rehabilitate 15 schools in the province, in addition to rehabilitating two solid waste landfills at a value of SYP 100 million.
York Street: Rehabilitate approximately 1,356 SY of York Street from New Rive Drive to Onslow Drive.
Bradford and Wyoming counties: Lehigh Railway LLC -- $700,000 to rehabilitate five bridges and replace worn rail and deteriorated ties.
The Railways authorities will give incentives to private sector if they agree to repair and rehabilitate locomotives and tracks, an official of the Ministry said.
Insituform will use its PuraGuard technology, a close-fit polyethylene solution for water pipe renewal, to rehabilitate 14,750 feet of high-pressure steel pipes, ranging in diameter from 8 to 24 inches.
Our major objective is to create a year-round community of education, research, recreation, cultural arts and hospitality focused on the appreciation of history and the local environment," said Sandy Hook Partners principal James Wassel, who won the right to rehabilitate the property though a bidding process for a 60-year lease.
They are the degree of criminal sophistication exhibited by the minors; whether the minors can be rehabilitated prior to the expiration of the Juvenile Court's jurisdiction; the minors' previous delinquent history; success of previous attempts by the Juvenile Court to rehabilitate the minors; and the circumstances and gravity of the offenses alleged to have been committed by the minors.
A taxpayer formed a corporation to acquire and rehabilitate financially distressed companies.
In a statement to journalists after the signing, Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Local Administration Minister Omar Ghalawanji said that the government will continue to rehabilitate the damaged areas across the country, noting that the Cabinet's reconstruction committee allocated SYP 300 million for rehabilitating facilities and infrastructure in Damascus Countryside and SYP 250 million for repairing houses in Maaloula.